Everything you need

in a single place

With ADA you can manage every single aspect of your marketing campaigns: from 100% Mobile-Friendly content creation to multi-channel distribution and results analysis, all with the support of Artificial Intelligence solutions which enhance platforms and marketers’ capabilities.


Re-invented Mobile Marketing

We live in an era where Smartphones and Tablets are our main sources of Internet access and are the first point of contact between brands and people. This is why it is essential to formulate marketing strategies which reach users on the mobile device they use the most, via customised, engaging content, created using specific data and information.


Every marketer’s best friend


ADA is a platform for Mobile Marketing designed to support marketers in their every-day tasks. A single tool which encompasses all the most common tools used to manage marketing campaigns, to create experiences of customised contact which engage users and to measure ROI. With the AI and NLP technologies that enhance the platform, marketers will have a fully immersive experience in using ADA, which can be identified as a must-have assistant for the success of their activities.




Mobile on Mobile experiences

Every tool integrated into ADA has been designed to create content that can be used flawlessly from mobile devices and that ensures an engaging and stimulating user experience using any kind of operating system – iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

AI Powered

ADA is enhanced with AI elements, which simplify marketers’ work and render it more efficient. From the creation of ChatBots, to the professional management of Social Media, to user profiling using collected data.


ADA can be customised with your brand logo and can be reached through a third-level domain. The platform and all the content created through it are stored on dedicated servers, and everything you need for your Mobile Marketing campaigns will always be available on a Cloud.

Reliability and security

ADA’s services let you concentrate solely on your business. Control procedures guarantee reliability and security and personal data is always protected from intrusions. Furthermore, a team of experts ensure technical service and support is always available.