Transform your company

with Artificial Intelligence


Integrate ALGHO into the most important company processes. Leave it up to your Virtual Assistant to carry out repetitive and standardised tasks and free up your team’s potential.


Much more than a simple ChatBot


What do you expect a Virtual Assistant to do for your company? What objectives would you like to achieve? With ALGHO you are free to choose the field of application most suited to your business, from customer service, to the automated analysis of large amounts of data, to the management and optimisation of processes and services.


The new approach to the Lead Generation


Sometimes the key to real innovation lies in the simplest and most natural of things. And what is more natural than the language used to get in touch with prospective customers? Leave it up to your ChatBot to collect information from users by simply talking to them, and turn classic web forms into conversations to engage people.


Guide users through the purchasing process


Create an authentic conversational flow through suggestions that point users towards your sales objectives. When needed you can set an expiry date for the QAs regarding limited time offers, make them visible only when you want them to be and simulate behaviour that is more like that of a real person.