Brand-Customer relationships

have never been so strong

ALGHO is a platform that allows you to create a perfect Virtual Assistant for your business, share it over various channels and measure its performance in real time. You will learn that the best way to interact with people is to talk to them


Artificial Intelligence for Intelligent Business


With ALGHO you can create Virtual Assistants based on advanced Artificial Intelligence systems, which improve management of company processes. From internal communication to the development of a rapid and efficient customer service, to support in planning better performing marketing strategies. The Virtual Assistants created with ALGHO will help you make the right decision at any time and represent the perfect way for naturally interacting with users, just as though a flesh and blood operator were speaking to them.


ALGHO identikit

What makes it special?


Automatic learning

Teach ALGHO with a starting base of questions and answers, which you can add to as you wish. Your ChatBot will become more and more intelligent with every conversation


Multimedia content

Improve user experience by programming your ChatBot to also answer questions with images, videos, maps and links to external sites


Semantic analysis

The Artificial Intelligence ALGHO is based upon allows your Virtual Assistant to understand complex questions and to always answer pertinently


Multiple languages

Choose which language you want your ChatBot to use to answer users’ questions. ALGHO is available in Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Chinese



Decide where your ChatBot can be seen. Easily integrate it into the main messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and Telegram, into external apps or into your website


Insight and analytics

Real-time statistics and advanced analytics show you the level of experience of your ChatBot and enable you to profile users thanks to detailed information