It is mobile marketing fever, for the Italian SMEs

The Digital Box releases data on the ADA platform: 95% of users are SMEs

  • Wellbeing, food, fashion and automotive are among the most pertinent sectors
  • The centre and the South of the “Boot” contend with the Northern regions
  • Over 20,000 mobile campaigns started in 2017
  • 800,000 online conversations generated on the platform again this year

Gravina in Puglia (Bari), 12th December 2017. The Digital Box, the company that has designed and developed ADA, the most innovative integrated platform for Mobile Engagement, enhanced by Artificial Intelligence solutions, discloses some insights related to the use of the ADA platform in Italy.

And the results are extremely interesting, overturning many clichés about the business fabric of our country. In fact, the vast majority of users of the platform is made up of SMEs accounting for 95%.

However, 5% of users belong to the world of big brands, such as Divani&Divani by Natuzzi, BMW, TIM.

But it is mainly the SMEs that dominate; the second piece of news is that we are talking about local realities, given that the great protagonists of this constantly evolving stage belong to the commercial sector. At the top we see the active businesses in the wellness sector (23% of users), followed by those in the food (21%), fashion (16%) and automotive (14%) sectors.

Italian SMEs are therefore real little excellent quality workshops, but they are ready to throw their (digital) heart over the hurdle. In fact, this propensity for innovation has made these realities offering services to each and every one of us and in daily life, engaged with the mobile marketing automation.

Taking into account that Italians loves smartphones and use mobile content more frequently, the road to conquer consumers certainly passes through ADA., as it is shown by the data concerning the use of the various services of the platform. ADA Social Content is a platform module focused on the automatic management of social pages thanks to a semantic recognition engine capable of searching content from over 700,000 different sources and also manages hundreds of pages and campaigns every day, and, to date, has published more than 15,000 social content, while in 2017 mobile content campaigns exceeded 20,000.

Another fact deserving attention is the solution requests from Chatbot. Despite being a product whose potential is not yet fully understood, the activations of this product have been over 1,000, and conversations conducted online and on Facebook Messenger exceed 1,800,000.

Other data bucking the trend: SMEs that are opening to this change are distributed in a rather homogeneous way throughout the territory since a small number of them, accounting for 35%, is settled in the centre of Italy, 35%  in the south and in the islands whereas customers in the north account for 30%.

“The Digital Box is a company born to innovate. It aims at conveying the concept of innovation to marketers, or to anyone who is struggling with the concept of supply, market and customers, and to those who need tailor-made solution for their specific needs. At the same time the users need to reconcile complete autonomy and the techniques suitable for the continuously growing mobile and digital world. And the message that comes from our SMEs, a symbol of dynamism and excellence all over the world, is that we are on the right track “, concludes Roberto Calculli, CEO and Co-founder of The Digital Box.

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