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The Digital Box brings Digital Convergence and the greatest experts in innovation to the Bocconi University

The first “Digital Convergence Day”, the most important European event dedicated to the convergence between Social, Artificial Intelligence and Mobile, will be held at the Bocconi University on 20th June. It is organized by The Digital Box in collaboration with Luigi Bocconi University. For the first time in Italy the American chief evangelist Guy Kawasaki, will debate with digital innovation experts of Google, Facebook, CA Technologies, FBK along with the former world president of Apple, Marco Landi and CEO of TheDB, Roberto Calculli.


In the digital era, thanks to the latest generation devices, users – always connected and active on social networks – have free access to data and information, any time and in any place, becoming increasingly aware of their needs and the active role they play on the market.

Today, Social Media, Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Devices, are tools that work in unison and communicate with each other, dictating new rules aimed at creating digital contact experiences, necessary for corporate marketing to reach the broader public in a short time and thus develop the business.

To capture all the aspects and potential of this new phenomenon of digital convergence, on Wednesday 20th June the Lecture Hall of the Luigi Bocconi University in Milan will host the “Digital Convergence Day”.It will be the first major European event dedicated to the convergence between Social, AI and Mobile Devices, organized by The Digital Box, a leading company in the digital and mobile marketing, with the world’s leading digital marketing and innovation experts from Microsoft, Google, Facebook, CA Technologies, FBK, University of Siena and Bocconi University.

The main star of the Digital Convergence Day will be Guy Kawasaki, former Apple chief evangelist at Steve Jobs’s Apple and co-founder of Garage Technology, for the first time in Italy. Considered a celebrity in the US tech world, Kawasaki is currently chief evangelist of Canva, the Sydney Company that makes
graphic design available to everyone.

The Milan event, aimed at companies, communication agencies, marketing professionals and social media managers, is an entire day dedicated to the analysis of some of the most important topics in modern marketing, through a direct debate between the participants and the speakers.

«The phenomenon of convergence between Social Media, Artificial Intelligence and Mobile will be more and more influential for business in the near future and will be a key element for digital marketing, – explains the main chief evangelist Guy Kawasaki– and this is why it is important for companies to seize this great opportunity on time».

If these communication tools are used individually they can be powerful and improve the ability of companies to get in touch with the public. “And when these tools are integrated with each other and converged into a marketing strategy, – concludes Guy Kawasaki, the result is amazing”.

The phenomenon of digital convergence accounts for the peaks in mobile devices since about 49% of the world’s population use the smartphone to surf the Internet and over 2,958 billion people (39%) access social media from their mobile devices(Source WeAreSocial). In fact, the smartphone, that was used as a means of personal communication, has become a real extension of individual identity within the web community. Internet surfing and the use of Social Media, today take place mainly on mobile devices, with more than 1,23 billion online users from smartphones and tablets every day.

It is no coincidence that in recent years the relationship between Social Media and Artificial Intelligence is increasing, mainly through the opening of Facebook Messenger to ChatBots as a tool used by brands to improve the customer experience. ChatBots are not a novelty , in fact the first Virtual Assistant, Eliza, dates back to 1966. Yet, technology has spread only recently, exceeding 200,000 active ChatBots on Messenger. Mobile technology has freed the use of Virtual Assistants and is fertile ground  for their development since their features are a perfect fit for the fast and simple interaction of smartphones.

Among the protagonists of the Digital Convergence Day there will also be the former world president of Apple, Marco Landi, now president of The Digital Box S.p.A, known for championing the return of Steve Jobs to Cupertino. According to Landi, the objective of the Digital Convergence Day is to investigate current issues in the processes of digital transformation of companies through the involvement of the main players in the market – Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Computer Associate – and the collaboration with Bocconi University, the University of Siena and FBK.

«With this event we want to offer a complete overview of the impacts that Social Media, Artificial Intelligence and Mobile devices have on marketing and communication activities – affirms the president of TheDB Marco Landiand to debate with one of the world’s leading experts on this topic, Guy Kawasaki, King of Evangelism Marketing, for years right-hand arm of Steve Jobs and creator of the Apple brand success». Guy Kawasaki lives and works in the Silicon Valley and is undoubtedly an authoritative voice in understanding what is happening in the cradle for digital innovation.

Roberto Calculli, founder and CEO of The Digital Box, agrees on the strategic importance of digital convergence for companies: “Digital convergence is a phenomenon that affects every type of business and every brand should pay the utmost attention because understanding thoroughly the different issues and correctly interpreting the data coming from Social, ChatBots and the users of smartphones, means grasping the opportunity to have a clear vision of the trends in the coming years».

The Digital Convergence Day is the starting point for disseminating the topics that will mark the digital world over the coming years, when The Digital Box is determined to play a key role.

For more information and for consulting the event program: www.digitalconvergenceday.com


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