“Artificial Intelligence with a Human Heart”

The Digital Box is in Barcelona to present the new version of its ADA mobile marketing platform, “ADA X”, which includes the first Virtual Assistant with a “Digital Human Interface”


“ADA, how many views did the last campaign have? And are the conversions available by geographical area?” And ADA responds with data and graphics in a very short time. A dream? No, this is just the power of ADA X, the new ADA version, an All-in-One platform for Mobile Marketing set up to support the creativity of Marketers.


After the keyboard and mouse of the first PCs, the tap of mobile devices, technology is ready for the latest natural interface: speech. In fact, the most innovative platform on the European mobile engagement market was just lacking the voice. And someone even thought of giving it a face. In the past graphical interfaces were used, then vocal interfaces (Siri, Google Assistant) were designed but nowadays thanks to the Virtual Marketing Assistant integrated in the ADA X platform (where X stands for experience, that of the marketers), you can now also use 3D avatars powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and with human features, better defined as “Digital Human Interface”.

It is the modern marketing revolution and the challenge arising from the digital convergence between Social, Mobile and AI launched by The Digital Box (TheDB), an Apulian company with offices in Italy across Campania, Tuscany, Lombardy and abroa between Barcelona and Palo Alto in California, which aims to become technological excellence in the field of solutions to support marketing, communication and corporate services.

All the new features of ADA X will be presented at “The Digital Box Special Event” that will take place at the MACBA – Museum d’ArtContemporanea in Barcelona on 3rd and 4th October. The event is dedicated to the Artificial Intelligence applied to Marketing, which will involve Italian and foreign partner agencies, from Spain, UK and France.

The latest ADA X platform has three new features, which TheDB has named the “The Next Level of Experience”: 1) Builder Landing Page Google AMP; 2) Digital Performance Index and Digital Performance App and 3) the Virtual Marketing Assistant (Digital Human Interface).


The new builder – content creation system – featured in ADA X allows you to create landing pages with Google AMP technology. With the AMP project, Google has introduced a new generation of pages that feature incredibly fast loading times. This technology allows marketing departments to easily create web pages while enabling the creative (blank canvas) to integrate distinct elements within the landing pages, thereby finalizing the content to the marketing objectives. For example, to insert a form to generate contacts andto integrate it with a survey or a product for sale (deal). APIs will allow programmers and developers to integrate third-party applications and software.

The Digital Performance Index ranges from 1 to 100 that helps check the health status of your brand’s digital presence at a glance and without needing to be experienced marketers. ADA X translates the main display information (Views, SingleViews, Interactions, Conversions) into direct and immediate information for the benefit of those checking and monitoring the progress of the campaigns. The end customer can receive more easily and in real time detailed information on the progress of the campaigns by their agency, as well as using a smartphone App, without having to interpret reports and complex graphs on the ADV campaigns.

With ADA Virtual Marketing Assistant, TheDB wants to create the first Virtual Assistant to marketing, the result of Artificial Intelligence techniques and graphics (Digital Human Interface). A real guide for the daily work of communication agencies, able to provide information and suggestions on the best use of the platform, analyse campaign data and suggest the best strategy to adopt. Each one can finally customize the virtual collaborator to their liking.

Artificial Intelligence and the human heart“: this is the sense of the challenge launched by The Digital Box, which wants to reaffirm the logic according to which human creativity and machine computational power are not in opposition but together can contribute to optimize the results of communication campaigns, ensure greater return on investment and enable quick cost-saving operations.


«With ADA X, creatives will be able to exploit the potential of Artificial or Augmented Intelligence and finalize their campaigns – explains Roberto Calculli, CEO and founder of The Digital Box –who is aware that for a long time yet machines will not replace human creativity, if anything they can help it, even through a predictive approach, to optimize time and achieve goals. AI-driven Media Agency is the natural evolution that we imagine for traditional communication agencies».

Moreover, the appthat is being developed by TheDB will allow users to share the Digital Performance Index with the final customers, therebyknowing immediately the trend of advertising campaigns, querying the virtual collaborator on data and useful information in real time.

In Barcelona, ​​on 3rd and 4th October, TheDBwill present the new ADA X technologies and organize a training sessionwith the ADA Academy, which will be addressed to the marketers of partner agencies.

Founded in 2013 the former Apulian start-up, The Digital Box, is now an SpAwhich is growing significantly, aiming to achieve a turnover of 9 million Euros by the end of this year.

With its mobile marketing platforms and virtual assistants (chatbots) able to revolutionize conventional marketing, and with its 100 employees and collaborators distributed across the company’s five locations, The Digital Box is already present in 21 countries around the world on 5 continents, with over 300 Partner Agencies and more than 10,000 active accounts, including some important end customers such as BMW, Mercedes, Divani&Divani, Bata and McDonald’s.


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