Take advantage of the full potential

of Social Media Marketing


Search for better content, design your editorial plan and engage with your audience. All this from a single intuitive, organised environment, which simplifies your work and increases performance.


Identify the best positioning opportunities


With CLAUDE you can collect unsolicited quotes from web users and use them to your advantage in order to plan a content-marketing strategy based on their interests. The best way to optimise the positioning of your brand on search engines is to know what users are looking for.


Handle relationships more effectively


If you want to influence consumers’ purchasing choices you do not need to speak to as many people as possible. What counts is being able to intercept only those who are capable of guaranteeing you a true return on your investment. Identify the influencers who are most suited to your marketing strategy and expand your community by finding new potential followers.


Find out where your audience’s interests lie


How many people are talking about it? Where are they from? An accurate digital strategy has to focus on data analysis and targeted marketing actions. The semantic search engine integrated into CLAUDE helps you to understand the feedback collected, the number of users who mentioned the brand, as well as the influencers, the sources and where your audience comes from.