The Digital Box

We feel the constant need to push boundaries,
experiment with new ideas and believe in ourselves one hundred per cent

Our history


The Digital Box was founded in 2013 in the South of Italy, through the meeting of professionals whose distinct spirit of innovation and determination to change the way in which marketing is perceived and used united them. Under the leadership of a brilliant management team and thanks to the talent of marketing experts and technicians specialised in the development of digital platforms, over the years the company has become the reference point for over 400 agencies, which, with our technology, support more than 7,000 client companies in expanding their business.


+ 400



+ 7.000








Future vision


That same spirit of innovation we started with continues to guide us in our daily work and it pushes us to expand our horizons. Hundreds of people have joined us over the years, from collaborators to business partners, and together we share the same enthusiasm and desire to grow further in order to become an ever more strategic partner for companies all over the world.

What inspires us

In order to reach our objectives we trust in the guidance
of values which are essential for us and which determine the
choices we make and characterise our way of working.




The ability to listen to and to regularly consult with others are the values on which we based our company culture and still today they guide us in our every-day work and in the relationships we establish with our customers.


We value difference


We encourage the people who work with us to express their point of view because we believe that it is the best way to grow as professionals and as people.